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DataCam 5000C color CCD camera with resolution 2448 x 2048 pixels

DataCam 5000C color CCD camera with resolution 2448 x 2048 pixels

2/3" global shutter CMOS 2448 x 2048 pixels, adapter for C or CS lenses, USB 3.0 interface, possibility to control DataLight industrial illumination units.

Price for system integrators (excl. VAT): 905 EUR
List price (excl. VAT):1 007 EUR
Manufacturer:Moravian Instruments
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*) Estimated availability varies depending on product options. Estimated availability does not include time of shipping and it is not obligatory.

Moravian Instruments offers the DataCam cameras equipped with CMOS image sensors.

There are three basic types of cameras based on CMOS sensor resolution:

DC-1500 with 1,5Mpx resolution

DC-3000 with 3Mpx resolution

DC-5000 with 5Mpx resolution

Each type can then be either in a color variant with 16.7 million colors or in a monochrome variant with 256 gray levels.

DataCam CMOS cameras

DataCam CMOS cameras

Features of DataCam CMOS cameras

DC-1500 DC-3000 DC-5000
Resolution 1140 x 1080 2048x1536 2448x2048
Max. frame rate (FPS) 60 30 18
Chip size 1/2,9" 1/1,8" 2/3"
Exposure time range 125s - 8,192s
Communication Interface USB 3.0
Lens Thread C or CS
Connector 8-pin RJ-45 to connect the lighting unit
Dimensions 50x50x48,6mm
Weight 165g (without lens)
Power supply from USB
Consumption 350 mA
Temperature range -20C - +50C

Small DataCam CMOS cameras are built into a robust aluminum body with high-quality finish. Camera housing and dimensions are the same for all models and are shown below:

Dimensions of the DataCam CMOS camera

Dimensions of the DataCam CMOS camera

DataCam CMOS cameras feature mounting holes for easy attachment to various racks or brackets. These holes are located on the back wall and on the sides of the aluminum body. They consist of four M3 holes. Thread depth for attachment is 7 mm.

A tripod mount bracket is available for mounting the camera with a tripod screw. The drawing of the tripod bracket shown in the following illustration shows the layout of the threads and mounting holes with dimensions in millimeters:

DataCam CMOS camera holder

DataCam CMOS camera holder

New CMOS cameras are fully supported by Control Web, starting with version 8.0.23. So you can work the same way with both existing CCD cameras and new CMOS cameras. There is nothing to change on your applications. However, you get higher resolution and much higher frame rate with traditionally very high image quality.