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Moravské přístroje a.s.

Masarykova 1148

763 02 Zlín-Malenovice

Czech Republic

ID number: 13691295 VAT number: CZ13691295

Terms and Conditions

We ship our original software within three business days after receiving your order. The delivery time for HW products is determined individually. We ship goods from third parties immediately after delivery. Most goods are normally in stock. If an ordered item is not immediately available, we will contact you.

Payment terms - cash (cash on delivery), or in advance on the basis of an advance invoice. Regular customers with timely payments and invoices, typically with a maturity of 14 days.

In the event of non-compliance with the due date, we charge a contractual late payment penalty in accordance with the Commercial Act. If invoices for past deliveries are not paid on time, we require payment in advance or in cash (cash on delivery).

The goods remain the property of Moravské přístě as until full payment

Activation of license numbers of SW products is tied to payment of the invoice.

Transport - we send the goods by transport service or by post. The buyer is the payer of the transport. When you receive the shipment, please check immediately whether the delivery is complete and undamaged. Do not accept incomplete or damaged shipments. Consult our sales department about the completeness of a shipment that is not complete. Report damage to the shipment on the spot with the carrier. If the shipment is accepted by the customer from the carrier as complete and everything is confirmed by a signature on the carrier's documents, additional complaints cannot be taken into account.

Data protection

The personal data provided is handled in accordance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic and in accordance with the provisions of Article 12 et seq. Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council effective from 25/05/2018. The company Moravské přederí a.s. uses all data obtained from customers exclusively for the company's internal needs and does not provide them to third parties. The exception is external carriers, to whom personal data of customers is transferred to the minimum extent necessary for the smooth delivery of goods. Data is stored on secure company-owned servers that are not shared with third-party applications. These personal data can be deleted from the database at the customer's written request. The administrator of personal data may not process the following data.

Price List

The current price list is available at http://mii.cz/shop

Complaints Procedure


he Complaints Regulations regulate mutual relations between the company (hereinafter referred to as the seller) and a legal entity or natural person (hereinafter referred to as the buyer) purchasing goods from the seller. The complaints procedure is governed by Act No. 513/1991 Coll. - The Commercial Code, as amended, and further taking into account the seller's specific conditions, which are governed by this regulation, the seller's implementation procedures and procedures, especially for goods for which a manufacturer's assessment is necessary to settle a claim.

The warranty and complaint conditions set out in the Complaints Regulations apply only to goods whose complaint was promptly and properly applied by the buyer within the specified warranty period.

In the event of any damage arising in connection with any product or its delivery by Moravské přístří a.s., only the actual damage incurred by the injured party is compensated, and only up to the price for which this individual product was purchased by the injured party from Moravské přístří a.s. To the extent of the actual damage exceeding the price of the product in connection with which the damage occurred, to the extent of lost profit, or to the extent of any other damage, the damage is not compensated.

Acceptance of goods

By signing the delivery note, the buyer confirms receipt of the goods and his agreement with the Complaints Regulations and the seller's complaint conditions. If the goods are not handed over in person, acceptance of the goods means the moment when the goods are taken over by the carrier.

The buyer is obliged to inspect the goods delivered by the seller immediately after receiving the goods from the seller or the carrier, i.e. to check the completeness of the goods, their integrity, quantity and declared production numbers and batch numbers and compare them with the delivery note, or accompanying documentation.

If the buyer does not inspect the goods or does not otherwise ensure that they are inspected upon receipt, he may make claims for defects detectable during this inspection only if he proves that the goods already had these defects at the time of receipt.

Notification of defects

The buyer is obliged to notify immediately after inspection of the delivered goods all defects that he found, or which could be detected during a professionally conducted inspection.

Defects that could not be detected immediately upon receipt of the goods, even if they existed upon receipt of the goods, but became apparent later, the buyer is obliged to notify the seller immediately after they could have been detected by exercising professional care.

The written notice of detected defects must contain the identification of the goods, the defects detected on them and a description of the way in which the defects manifest themselves.

The basic documents for handling complaints are for the customer:

  • An invoice and a delivery note, which also serves as a warranty card and on which the warranty lengths for individual items of goods are indicated. The numbers of these documents are also sufficient.

  • Complaint protocols - In the event of a repeated complaint, it is necessary to submit the relevant previous complaint protocols.

Place of complaint

The buyer can make a claim exclusively at the headquarters of the company Moravské přístě as, Masarykova 1148, 763 02 Zlín-Malenovice.

Delivery and transport of complaints

The buyer delivers the claimed goods personally or by carrier at his own expense and risk. Goods from a justified complaint are sent back at the seller's expense, goods from an unauthorized complaint will be sent back to the buyer at his expense.

The method of making a claim, the necessary documents and types of claim cases

Goods with a defect during the warranty period

Scope of the warranty - for the goods that are the subject of purchase and sale between the seller and the buyer, the seller provides a guarantee that it will be suitable for normal use and that it will have the usual properties in compliance with the relevant standards, work procedures and performance. If the defect only manifests itself when a certain SW program is running, it is not a reason for a complaint, unless otherwise agreed or determined in advance in writing.

Length of warranty - the above-mentioned properties of the delivered goods are guaranteed for a maximum of the period indicated on the Delivery Note for individual types of goods, unless otherwise agreed or stipulated.

Liability for defects - the seller is responsible for defects that the sold goods have after acceptance by the buyer to the extent specified below. If the seller is to send the goods to the place designated by the buyer, it applies that the item was delivered at the time it was handed over to the first carrier for transportation. The seller is also obliged to remove, at his own expense, any defect that has arisen on the goods due to a structural defect, a defect in the material used, or a defective manufacturing of the product, for which he is responsible. The seller does not assume responsibility for defects that were reported to the buyer after the warranty period expired. Such defects are solved in the post-warranty paid service mode.

Liability claim for defects - the buyer is entitled to make a claim for liability for defects (warranty) if he notifies the seller in writing and without undue delay of all the details of the detected defect.

After receiving this message, the seller is entitled, if he is obliged to do so in accordance with these conditions, at his option:

  • repair defective goods (a 6-month warranty is provided for repairs)

  • replace the defective part of the product

  • replace or replace the defective product with the same product

The warranty period begins on the date of issue of the delivery note and is extended by the period during which the goods were in the authorized complaint procedure, i.e. extended by the period of the warranty repair.

If an item or a defective part of the product is replaced, the warranty period is shortened by the length of time the buyer used the original item.

Return for repair / exchange - if the seller requests the return of defective goods or part thereof for repair due to, for example, a defective series, the buyer is obliged to hand over the goods in question to the seller without undue delay. In the event that the buyer does not respond to this call and does not hand over such type of product to the seller within the specified period, he loses all claim claims. Replaced defective parts, components or products remain the property of the seller.

Defect removal by self-help - if the buyer himself removes a defect that arose during the warranty period, the seller is obliged to provide him with financial or other compensation only if he has given written consent to this in advance.

Obligation from the warranty - the seller's obligation from this warranty applies only to such defects that occur despite the fact that all the instructions specified in the user manual are followed, the goods are used in the manner specified there, under normal circumstances and when the specified care is observed. Warranty claims do not arise in particular if the goods are incorrectly or inappropriately adjusted or adjusted by the buyer or a person authorized by him, in the case of incorrect connection or incorrect and insufficient adjustment, or in the case of changes to the product that the buyer made or had made by a third party without prior written consent of the seller.

Mandatory documents and requirements - the buyer is obliged to supply the basic data and documents with the defective product, which are:

  • An invoice and a delivery note, which also serves as a warranty card and on which the warranty lengths for individual items of goods are indicated. The numbers of these documents are also sufficient.

  • Complaint protocols - In the event of a repeated complaint, it is necessary to submit the relevant previous complaint protocols.

Liability for damage after taking over after a repair or replacement has been made on the basis of a complaint - the seller is not liable for damage caused by transport or storage and further for damage that occurs after the buyer has taken over the goods.

Ownership right - goods delivered by the seller remain the property of the seller until full payment of the purchase price. Payment is considered to have been made at the moment when the invoiced amount is credited to the seller's account in full at his bank (the general provisions of Section 425 of the Commercial Code et seq. apply)

Non-conformity in delivery of goods after acceptance

Damaged goods - in the event that the buyer receives goods that are mechanically or otherwise visibly damaged at the time of acceptance, he is obliged to notify the seller of this fact in a demonstrable manner. In the case of personal collection, he must do so immediately, in the case of collection through a transport service, always in writing, within two working days after receiving the goods from the carrier. At the same time, he is obliged to report the matter immediately to the relevant carrier and to draw up a damage report with him. Later notices or complaints will not be taken into account and damages caused in this way cannot be covered.

Delivery discrepancy - In the event of a discrepancy between the delivered goods and the accompanying documents (incomplete delivery or exchange of goods), the procedure is the same as in the previous paragraph.

Compensation for unauthorized claim

If it is found during the repair that the defect occurred in a way that is excluded from the warranty conditions or if the defect does not appear on the product, the buyer is obliged to pay the seller CZK 500 for each hour of work performed by the technician and to pay the shipping fee if the goods are returned sent to the customer by the carrier. The buyer will also cover all costs incurred by the seller for negotiating a claim with the manufacturer.

In particular, it is considered an unauthorized complaint if:

  • damage to the label, serial number, type designation, seal or other seller's own marking occurs on the goods

  • there will be mechanical damage to the goods

  • the damage was caused as a result of unprofessional installation, incorrect operation or inappropriate placement in conditions that do not correspond to the conditions specified in the documentation, and caused the damage due to moisture, dust, chemical or physical influences

  • the defect was caused by unauthorized handling of the goods while running, insufficient or incorrect insertion of a component into the relevant connector, a loose foreign object or a defect in connected components that are not part of the product and which result in mechanical or thermal damage to the components or the printed circuit board of the product

  • the damage was caused by force majeure (flood, lightning, fire...), connection to a 220-230V network with a voltage fluctuation greater than 10%

  • the change to the goods was caused by an unauthorized person during the warranty period, unauthorized or inappropriate interference with the goods, caused by the buyer or by another person, or by changing the design of the goods

  • the damage was caused by the action of computer viruses or the use of unsuitable software, work procedure or configuration

  • there has been a violation of the buyer's terms and conditions specified in the warranty card

  • defects caused by settings other than those allowed by the manuals and also defects that do not manifest themselves in the time specified by the buyer are applied.

Liability for data corruption

The seller does not assume responsibility for the data left on the media during the service intervention, nor is it responsible for any losses incurred by the buyer as a result of a malfunction.

Final Provisions

The seller reserves the right to change these Complaints Regulations.