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Since its establishment in 1991, Moravian Instruments focuses on development and support of technologically advanced products in field of electronics and software. Series of systems for quick development of applications, Control Panel and Control Web, are meant for industry, laboratories and universities. They have been developed more than 20 years and have become most widely used tool in this field in the Czech Republic.


Moravian Instruments
Masarykova 1148, Malenovice
CZ-763 02
+420 577 107 171
+420 603 498 498
+420 603 228 976
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GPS coordinates: N 49°12'26.3" E 017°35'41.2"
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Moravian Instruments is now ISO 9001 certified company
 Moravian Instruments quality management system successfully passed the certification, which confirmed that it complies to ISO 9001:2001 standards.