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The Control Web System
A development environment for creating and executing visualization, control and SCADA applications.

The Control Web system is a software framework that can perform in a wide variety of roles. It can be used in machine controllers, can integrate manufacturing technologies with enterprise information systems or be used as a data server with many web clients. It can model and simulate processes, create complex and demanding visualizations and much more. In other words, it can be used in virtually any way you would need.

Simple and intuitive development environment

Possibility to connect any hardware (OPC support, OPC UA, Modbus, Simatic, etc.)

Beautiful applications thanks to the support of modern rendering technologies

Interoperability with database systems

Built-in web server (HTTP and HTTPS support)

The development version is available for free

Examples and Technical support

Seamless integration with the comprehensive and powerful VisionLab machine vision system

Extensible system (possibility of creating own communication drivers, .NET support)

Detailed documentation and sample applications for easy start

For some, the Control Web system can be an affordable tool which enables them to inexpensively set-up and manage a small hydropower plant. For others, it can be a instrument for creating a large distributed enterprise application with tens of thousands of measure points, containing hundreds of operator displays working on a number of networked computers. For students, it can be a tool which saves them a lot of work during laboratory and other exercises by modeling, simulating and visualizing tasks, as well as automatically measuring and printing logs. The unified environment provide application developers with components and services including a graphical development environment to quickly address all the demands of today's modern automation systems.

You can develop and test applications in Control Web for free. You only need to purchase a license to run an application permanently.

A detailed description of the licensing system can be found in this article.

Control Web Installation and activation

You can find the price list of the runtime licenses in our online store.

Articles about the Control Web system

Simple and intuitive development environment

In the Control Web system, the application is built up from components called virtual instruments. For instance, the meter instrument is used for displaying an analog value, whereas the more complex alarm_viewer instrument can be used for working with alarms and alarm lists. The behavior of virtual instruments is affected by user-adjustable parameters. Furthermore, it is possible to create even more complicated application behavior by writing own scripts.

For a detailed description of the development environment, see this article.

A sample of the first application in Control Web can be found here.

Possibility to connect any hardware (OPC, OPC UA, Modbus, Simatic, etc.)

In Control Web, the so-called drivers are used to connect to and communicate with peripheral devices. Some drivers are a part of the system installation. Some need to be installed separately.

Drivers included:

  • Serial communication (COM, etc.)

  • Microsoft Excel integration

  • Drivers for simulation and application tests

Additional drivers available:

  • DataLab IO

  • OPC client and OPC UA client

  • Modbus serial and Modbus TCP

  • Simatic TCP, Simatic prodave, Simatic PPI, etc.

  • HTTP client

  • PLC Tecomat, Saia, Allen-Bradley, etc.

A complete list of drivers, including their documentation, can be found here.

Beautiful applications thanks to the support of modern rendering technologies

  • Control Web allows you to draw static and dynamic images quickly and efficiently in the integrated graphics editor of the development environment.

  • Ability to dynamically adjust applications by the monitor resolution of the target computer.

  • The graphics and image program components in the Control Web system make use of the parallel performance of modern graphics processors.

VisionLab - machine vision software for the Control Web system

The Vision Lab system for creating machine vision applications cannot work alone, but only as a component of a more universal system for industrial real-time applications - the Control Web system. Integrating the Vision Lab system into the Control Web system - a widely used system for developing technological processes visualisation applications, real-time control application, etc. - brings many advantages.

Owing to the full integration into the Control Web system, machine vision applications of the Vision Lab system can benefit from all advantages and features of the Control Web system. A machine vision development system lacking these features would be very constraining and majority of the users would struggle to solve the data exchange between visualization applications, processes control applications and the application for machine vision itself. This would naturally make costs higher and development process longer and more difficult.

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